Birthday Gifts

Hey you have 5 more months to buy me a gift ;-) Just saying….

I already have a few of these glasses given to me by a beloved patient and I love them!

Cute highball glasses


The leather…the horse hair tassel… I’m in love…

Saddle-inspired purse


No horse-lover’s bedroom should be without some chic decor.

Framed bridle print

Vintage German Dressage poster

Vintage grain-sack pillow




Equestrian style is timeless.

Infinity chunky wool scarf

Sweet rain boots

Beautiful weekender

Equestrian-inspired gloves


My first award nomination!

Thanks to Mel (you can visit her site here), I’ve been nominated for a versatile blogger award!

With the versatile blogger award comes the responsibility to share some information about yourself and pay it forward:

•Display the Award Certificate on your website
•Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
•Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
•Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
•Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

7 things about myself…

1) I am a dairy farmer, chemist, chiropractor, nutritionist (and horse lover).

2) If I wasn’t a chiropractor I would be a vet!

3) My ultimate goal is to own a wellness center attached to a self-sustaining farm.

4) I love all farm animals but currently I only actively raise and breed show rabbits consisting of English Lops and Velveteen Lops (

5) My preferential way to destress and reboot is to go riding…I really miss having horses on tough days.

6) I’m starting to have an unhealthy obsession with all things plaid.

7) I started this blog to ease my horse-sickness until I’m able to provide and care for an equestrian again (growing up does suck sometimes!)

15 blogs I love to read…
















An Equestrian Home





Equestrian style, classic, functional and simple. It just screams elegance. I love all of these ‘horsey’ touches represented in this post.



Simple and bold.


Perfect mudroom.

Check out that stool!


So cool.


I would have never left this swing as a little girl…my first “horse” was a half-buried tractor tire in our sandbox.




Boots+Peonies+Dusty Blue=Equine Heaven

Easy DIY decor.


What new home isn’t complete without one of these?


Barn doors belong inside too.


Like the vintage look.


Every home with kids needs a rocking chair…ours was a wooden one handmade by my grandfather.


Cute yet classy for a little girl.


Lovely chic entrance.


A horsewoman’s dream closet.


In the Trenches

Here’s a shout-out to all the rescues and other good people trying to save as many horses as possible from slaughter. I can’t believe some of the horses that people send to auction. It’s been hard not to pull the trigger myself and purchase one. BUT, I just can’t fit a horse in my budget now and I will not get an animal I cannot afford to keep at the level that I like to care for my animals (aka spoiled). I think this is partly the reason (and of course irresponsible breeding) why there are so many animals in this position…people impulse buying and not realizing the cost of keeping a horse…which I would say is AT LEAST $400 a month at a minimum (that’s with good pasture and no vet bills). Please like these pages on Facebook and spread their good cause. My true dream is to own a Friesian  Fell or Gypsy but I think I will be owning a rescue horse first as they just pull at my heart-strings. Those other breeds are ‘high-end’ and are not overbred like Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, or Quarter horses.

NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue

NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue

NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue

NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue

NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue

NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue

NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue

NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue

NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue

Rosemary Farm

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue…I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Belgians and would like to sponsor one someday in honor of Joey’s memory.

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

Future Horsepiration

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been on a hiatus since February ..just been busy with life and putting more important things first and not ‘wasting’ my time posting about things I just love (can’t help it). So anyway…I’ve almost deleted this blog a few times in the past months. But here’s the thing…I look at the stats and for having nothing recent I am still getting a lot of hits and views. So that is the only thing that keeps me from deleting…well and the fact that this has become my own personal pinterest for all things horse. So in lieu of that I’ve decided to keep posting. I have set a goal of doing at least 1 post a month…that way I stay active on this site (it is a great name in my opinion) and don’t feel like I should be doing more productive things :)

p.s. And yes I am still horseless but that goal is getting closer. I have signed up for Parelli’s free membership to check out all their e-learning videos as I am really in love with that technique…it’s been great so far!


Born in a Barn

I wish I was born in these beautiful barns below! Who wouldn’t?! Feel free to direct me to other beautiful barns (or your own) by leaving a comment below.

Every barn needs a hex sign.

Log luxury.


Stone + blue shutters = amazing

Shingles, great windows.


Blue goes well in winter or summer.

Love the colors and dutch doors.

<3 barns with loft apartments.

Great spread.

Love doors, black trim, fenced walkway with roof overhang.

Make an entrance.


Stone, cupola, weathervane, windows, quaint.

Martha Stewart’s barn…swoon.

More my size, what a cute barn. Multiples of these in complimentary color schemes would be swell.


I love black barns and houses.

Round barn in Vermont. Always thought these would be neat inside.

Greene, NY: Great barn, love the colors. Near my parents home.

Margretville, NY: I guess its a blessing to have so much awesome barn architecture in the area!

Richfield Springs, NY: I see this barn all the time when we go to our lake on the weekends.

Irish Draught Horse

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Ok, so a little late but I thought some Irish Draught horses would be perfect for a post especially since I’m also in love with them. Old world style but not as beefy and heavy as most drafts, this breed seems to be the best of both worlds. Who wouldn’t love to ride the spirit of St. Patty’s Day??!!

Breeder in Wichita

Click on this picture to learn more about the breed itself.

What are your favorite Irish breeds?